a firestone EPDM rubber roofEPDM – or ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) – is a synthetic rubber which can be used in a large number of applications. Notably, EPDM is required for weather sealing on automobiles and has been a preferred choice for roofing jobs for many years.

The popularity of EPDM for roofing applications can be explained by the indisputable fact that it’s totally waterproof and resistant to corrosion. In truth, EPDM was designed to tolerate extreme heat, weather, and ozone, and is likewise quite resistant to steam and polar substances. It is a fantastic choice for any residential property or business that requires a new roof or roofing repairs, because it is incredibly inexpensive given the quality of the product. In addition, it has three distinctly beneficial properties:

EPDM is environmentally friendly.

EPDM is environmentally friendly for a number of reasons. First, the product can be manufactured in white, which reflects the sun and it’s heat, thus driving down climate control costs for companies with EPDM roofs andf homeowners alike. Second, the product is totally recyclable. After it has lived out its practical use as a roofing material, EPDM can be processed into something different.

20 year guaranteeEPDM is cost efficient.

Manufacturers guarantee the durability of the product for up to 20 years. However, in my experience, EPDM roofs can last twice as long with frequent maintenance. By the time you factor in reduced climate control costs, EPDM becomes the most cost efficient material in the marketplace for domestic, commercial and industrial roofing assignments.

EPDM is both flexible and durable.

Unlike other rubbers that will crack and warp when wrapped around things, EPDM has a durability enabling it to flex without being compromised. This also applies to extreme moisture and dryness, making it the top option for enduring rainy England winters and summer’s dry spells too. Moreover, EPDM has excellent breathability, without being permeable. This means that your home or business will experience greater air circulation without worrying about leaking from the outside.

Installation of EPDM

This article was taken in part from Severnside roofing in Telford who specialise in the repairs and installations of EPDM rubber roofing.